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Does Gmail Stands for German Mail?

I am wondering what’s wrong with Google lately. My recent posts indicate some news uncharacteristic of the Google brand — successful and innovative. Or maybe they’re just a bunch of dudes everyone (the jealous ones) likes to hate.

A major blow to Google operations in Germany (in German) involved the recent ruling that the search giant cannot use the trademark Gmail. The case has been around for a while and this development is a setback for Google. At the same time it clears the confusion in Germany because Gmail could easily be confused with G-mail, a German service that provides a “” email address, but also allows for a sort of “hybrid mail” system in which documents can be sent electronically, printed out by the company, and delivered in paper format to local addresses. It is owned by a 32-year old German named Daniel Giersch, who refers to Gmail owners as Googliath whose behavior “is very threatening, very aggressive and very unfaithful… it’s very evil.”, in an interview with CNET

Another case that involved Google was in the UK where Gmail was subsequently referred to as Google Mail. Google obviously could not control everything despite its clout and influence. That includes getting rebuffed by Giersch who refused to sell the trademark for $250,000.

So does Gmail Stands for German Mail? No, Google Mail? Not in Germany. It’s probably Giersch Mail.


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