Does Google Toolbar Help Index Content?

The answer to the question above is NO.

Another myth was debunked as Matt Cutts as he explains that installing Google Toolbar doesn’t index pages by virtue of the presence of Google Toolbar.

In an article quoted from Information Week:

But thanks to Google (NSDQ: GOOG), there’s no need to guess the URL. It can be found using the inurl: search query operator with mms2legacy as the argument.

The reason for this, explained Ken Simpson, CEO of anti-spam company MailChannels, is that one’s Google Toolbar may be configured to pass URLs that one visits to Google for indexing. “If you run Google Toolbar, it knows pages you visit,” he said.

As Google explains in its Google Toolbar privacy policy, “Certain optional Toolbar features operate by sending Google the addresses or other information about sites when you visit them. Web History, PageRank, and Safe Browsing in Enhanced Mode all work this way.”

The way for Google to crawl and eventually index content is to ensure that the page gets linked from somewhere and not through Google Toolbar.