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Domain Name Effects on SEO and SEM

Aaron Wall (SEO Book) describes the role of domain names in SEO and SEM campaigns. The video provides great learning experience as it explains the benefits of deciding and getting the right domain names that fit for your business.

I am going to try expounding on the points he raised.

  1. Basic registration of domain names costs less than 10 US dollars (about 7.7 HK dollars, cost of a cheeseburger). These domain names, especially those that carry keywords within it, command higher traffic than those that don’t (unless they follow what or had done — no meaningful keywords involved but has a great branding message that raised their popularity).
  2. It makes it easier for people to reference your company name by using the exact match combination of your company name + .com. As shown in the video, a search for seo book yielded as the number one result. The bonus is that for a strong domain name that appear more trustworthy, Google Sitelinks (the sub links found below the title and description on search results) also show up, thereby pushing down competing sites that also show up within the first page of search results.
  3. Keyword rich domains are given good attention by Google (as per observation) even if it doesn’t have sufficient relevancy factors that prove its trustworthiness (very rich content, inbound links). The proof: the video also shows other sites that have similar seo book domains that show up on first page results despite apparent lack of content.

So if you are thinking of a good domain name to use or even name of your brand or product, pay a lot of attention on the keywords it may contain. A new domain name that no one registered previously is cheap. But it may require substantial amount of time to gain trustworthiness and become credible enough. However, the long term effect outweighs the initial drawbacks.


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