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Dropped From Index, Sues Google

Theoretically, rankings on search engine results pages are sometimes not stable and with different data centers, it’s possible to see a site rank number seven at computer A and seventy at computer B. But what happened to KinderStart.com is that traffic fell sharply from ten million to three million.

“If there is any human being behind that, running some levers, we should find out and that should be transparent to the public”, says Gregory J Yu, who represents KinderStart.com. “If there’s something strange, improper or faulty with the search engine, let’s open it up and clear up the problem.”

To me this is a classic example of an online company trying to think that it owns search engines and that these search engines are liable financially when technical problems shut down its data centers or if it penalizes certain sites for violation of terms of use.

KinderStart.com has no right to sue Google because Google has nothing to do with their business and if in case human intervention led to the web traffic free fall, it could be caused by wrongdoing of someone taking care of KinderStart.com page. Google existed to help visitors find the right pages as they enter key phrases on its query forms and now it’s even taking the blame for unmet expectations.

KinderStart did not pay for the free traffic generated from Google. And even when other parties try to tie Google with its recent conformity to China’s censorship, Google is a private business that has the right to keep its intellectual property away from public eye, same as KFC keeps the secret herbs and spices formula. Perhaps this attempt to gain financially was more self promotion and broadcasting than suing.


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