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Buy East Asian Games Tickets Online Opportunity

If you are a scalper or someone trying to dispose of your East Asian Games ticket, you might be happy to know that a search for “east asian games tickets’ don’t display any ticket website on the first page of Google search results. This could mean that for people who fail to find relevant information on where to buy tickets (me included) may have to look elsewhere to secure them. I wanted to watch taekwondo and volleyball events but so far I am empty handed.


Assuming I don’t know who is the official ticket seller for East Asian Games (and don’t know anything about Urbtix or HKTicketing), I’ll normally go to search engines to find them. Using “east asian games ticket”, “buy tickets east asian games” or other related terms. But if I can’t find the right page result, I’ll find it maybe more information by posting a question to Yahoo! Answers, online forums or head to auction site like Ebay.

HKTicketing sells Games tickets but I am not sure if a lot of people make their way to the website without learning about it from other channels like TV or print commercials or news coverage. For those using search engines, this is a big missed opportunity for Games organizers and fans. Maybe because HKTicketing information on East Asian Games (or any concert/show) is loaded in frames, have atrocious URL setup. No wonder even if it contains valuable information a ticket hunter like me is looking for, it hardly shows up on search results.


Shops selling East Asian Games have reported disappointing sales maybe due to lack of promotion or official mascots lack appeal. If ticket sales are poor, maybe we can attribute this partly to the lack of search engine presence from the official ticket seller.


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