Let’s Be Facebook Friends Or I’ll Pay To Send Private Message

Maybe I am late in the Facebook ‘money-making bandwagon news’ but this is just too good to pass.

Jeremy Owyang, a strategy consultant, posted a Facebook update with a screen capture of a Facebook message interface which indicates payment is necessary before he can send a private message to someone who is not a personal connection. facebook_msg

Since the advent of email, paying someone to send a message is unheard of. No wonder emails may have played a significant role in lowering the popularity of letters. Now, Facebook is cashing in to make more money using this technique.

In fairness, Facebook allows you to send to a non-friend’s ‘Other’ folder if you choose the free option, as you can see in the image above. I am not sure if ‘Other’ is the other name for ‘Spam’.

Photo credit: Jeremy Owyang