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Facebook Scam Issues Continue

Facebook Scam Issues Continue

Whenever there is a trending story — usually involving celebrities and politicians — people look at Facebook for related information shared by friends.

Since people tend to trust more what a friend shares than when someone else spoon feeds it to them, they’re likely to click what Facebook contacts share on their timelines. The problem is that people have little or no idea if the things they share or click are real or spammy. Facebook does a poor job screening what’s being shared on timeline. As a result, it’s not surprising to see a lot of my friends click on sites I think are suspicious — obscure website, poor grammar — that many others think are normal.


As a result, plenty of my friends accounts are possibly compromised, such as being made to share fake Facebook updates likely containing malicious content.

I think Facebook should be more responsible in weeding out unwanted and potentially harmful sites. Otherwise, its predicted decline in usage by 2017 — something Facebook playfully downplays — could come sooner than later.


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