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Finnair Twitter Ads: Language Matters

Finnair Twitter Ads: Language Matters

Twitter has now aggressively pursued Twitter users — at least in my experience as a user since April 2007 — to advertise businesses and display them into timeline of target audience.

So as these ads integrate more seamlessly in my timeline, with “Promoted” labels subtly placed at the bottom, they gain more attention and it’s not a surprise Instagram is brewing a similar advertising format.

But as I was skimming through the content, an advert from Finnair caught my attention and as someone hoping to travel to Finland and view the midnight sun or the aurora borealis in the future, I clicked for possible flight offers.


Note that the ad is all in English and, although I preferred to see the wonderful natural attractions of Finland in the ad copy than the collage of Finnish furniture superimposed on an Asian man, the desire to travel to Finland was good enough to click the ad.

For some reason, the page redirected me to the Chinese language content even though the header showed Hong Kong – EN (English language page for Hong Kong) and navigation menu also showed the same language.

I clicked the language option and explicitly selected the English language, which brought me to the same Chinese-language page. It looks like a simple issue to fix but, until the language inconsistency isĀ resolved, it’s a Twitter advertising opportunity lost.



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