Five Best-Practices at Yahoo! Search Marketing

Most users have seen how Yahoo! Search Marketing’s upgrade looks like. A new ranking model baptized “Panama” with special focus on changing the way ads are ranked. From the traditional, cost-per-click-dependent structure, quality of ads is now emphasized so that a lower CPC keyword can rank higher than a more pricey one, if its ads are more suitable for a keyword search.

Sounds simple and to me it sounds like empowering the conservative or resource-deprived advertisers. It is reasonable simply because the way click fraud is being handled appears far from finding a long-lasting solution.

With this launch, Yahoo! is happy to spread the word by providing tips to advertisers with explanations:

  • Include keywords in your ad (use our Insert Keyword feature).
  • Carefully determine keywords for your ad group.
  • Use ad testing to learn which messages are performing best for you, based on click-through rate normalized for position
  • Use our Excluded Keyword feature to help optimize your Advanced match type.
  • Review your current bids and set a campaign budget to meet your business goals.

Even though the upgrade sounds like a salivating option to a campaign that has limited amount of money to spend on, the door is not closed to those who choose to stay with the older option.

Common tips found on either option are:

  • Include your keywords on the ads
  • Make use of keyword exclusions
  • Review all bids

Sounds very straightforward and all are applicable even without the news of an upgrade.