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Five Tips on Keyword Selection Process

Successful search engine optimization is never going to happen without proper keyword research and planning. It is easy to say that common sense can determine which keywords are relevant to your site and what keywords you would use should you seek for the same website. But the fact is there: you can’t read the visitors’ mind and therefore you cannot tell if your assumption is correct or not.

However, there are tools available to estimate search volume for specific keywords. While these tools are not specifically accurate, they give an idea if a keyword is more popular than the other.

Here are five things you would need to check during keyword selection process:

  1. Consider Keywords per Market. If a “bar” in United States means “pub” in England then make necessary adjustments on your selected phrases depending on your target market audience.
  2. Avoid Using Broad Terms. Be specific in your keyword selection. You’d want to focus on “luxury hotels” or “budget hotels” than “hotels”.
  3. Singular / plural word differences. Be careful with words that don’t necessarily mean pluralized when letter “s” is added. For example, “sales” could mean a job position and “sale” could mean a product discount offer.
  4. Avoid using certain acronyms. Acronyms with multiple meanings could mislead an online visitor. “CDR” could mean compact disc recordable or Commission on Dietetic Registration.
  5. Consider Your Referral Phrases. You could probably get more ideas what visitors are using to find your site. Open your analytics tool and look for keyword referrals on search engines.

So before you place your page titles with either descriptive phrases (or stuff them with your choice keywords) be sure to take time on keyword research and do it carefully.


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