Free SEO Services

I am happy to help optimize websites of non-profit, charity, volunteer and similar cause organizations. These are organizations involved in the following:

* Anti-pollution advocacy
* Global warming awareness
* Reforestation initiatives

Animal and Wildlife
* Wildlife conservation
* Animal rights and welfare

* Cancer awareness
* Support for HIV-infected patients
* Blood donation
* Smoking cessation
* Patient and family support

* Support for elderly
* Support for children’s health and education
* Support for sexually abused
* Support for social welfare
* Support for victims of domestic violence
* Support for community events


I want them to contribute in their drive to help. Through search engine friendly websites, I hope more people will recognize and contribute as well. So if your group is involved in at least one of the following, please contact me and we can discuss on how I can help your website achieve better search engine visibility for free.

Photo credit: The Sandy