Funny Search Suggestions, is an Internet search engine. It is also the company name of the division of IAC Search & Media, founded in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley, California.

While the Ask’s user reach isn’t as wide as the major search engines, it maintains a decent number of loyalists and followers because of its good quality results. Its blog features search engine updates, and other industry news that affect the business.

Funny Search Suggestions

A feature similar to Yahoo! and Google is also in place at so that if we enter a few keywords, the system will fill in suggested words to complete the search phrase. One can think about the variety of suggestions: are these the commonly asked questions? Are these suggested by staff?

Since the site is, it’s normal to think that it offers the same service as Yahoo! Answers: post questions and answers will appear once you click that [Search] button.

So if you’re a puzzled office worker who doesn’t know where to go for a well-deserved holiday spree, you may want to ask “where do i go for vacation”. But before you finish the question, will provide a set of suggestions, which to me are funny. Other suggestions are also quite intriguing that they could divert someone’s attention just to find out what the web has to offer regarding such intriguing questions.

If you want to know these suggested questions, try the following:

where do i (where do i mail my taxes)
how do i (how do i know if im pregnant)
where can i (where can i watch movies)
how long can (how long can you live without water)
where do you (where do you get a passport)
why does (why does ice float)
why do (why do dogs eat grass)
what is the (what is the meaning of life)
where is (where is jeeves)

Great, interesting and funny suggestions. Keep it up!