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Google AdWords Editor

If you are planning to launch a Google AdWords pay per click (PPC) campaign, it is a common experience for newcomers to ask many questions, what keywords should I choose for this page? How much should I bid? How do I find if I am bidding too much for a keyword? What should I do next?

These questions, compounded by numerous settings that are sometimes unnecessary during the setup of a campaign, will tend to make a neophyte search marketer confused.

Enter AdWords Editor, a free downloadable paid search management platform.

Google AdWords Editor

It features the following:

  1. Manage multiple accounts. Allows you to monitor campaigns across different client accounts.
  2. One-click update. If you made edits to your campaigns elsewhere, you can easily retrieve changes using one single button. The same is true for updating keywords, ad texts, budgets and other essential elements of the campaign.
  3. Easily manageable Ad Groups. Ad Groups under each campaign can be viewed using expanding/collapsing buttons.
  4. Show recent changes. The software uses colors to indicate changes made recently by you or someone within the team. This feature is not possible within the web-based AdWords interface.
  5. Flexible reporting. Reports are displayed in a flexible, customizable manner. To preserve column width, you can also opt not to show the reports if you want to focus into editing ad copy or adjusting the cost per click numbers.

It is a program definitely worth trying. The software can be downloaded from Google and installs itself fairly quickly. It does not require keyword inputs; all you have to do is login using your AdWords account and it fetches the latest data it gathers.


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  • seo newbie on Sep 30, 2007 Reply

    I haven't heard of this adwords tool, very interesting. may be google try something new to encourage people to advertise on google. After all PPC are very easily done but if one does not know what they are doing, they can burn their money quite fast esp. high competitive market like insurance, hosting, credit card etc.

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