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Google Analytics Event Tracking

I just got an e-mail from Google Analytics telling me that it is now activating Event Tracking on one selected profile.

Google Analytics Event Tracking

Google Analytics Event Tracking

Event Tracking allows you to track interactions with Web 2.0 style content such as Flash, AJAX, Adobe Air, Silverlight, social networking apps, etc. It essentially allows you to track interactions beyond just pageviews. So more than just scratching the surface of a page, it digs deeper, especially for sites whose pages changes content without changing URL.

In most cases, we say that if a page is embedded in Flash or AJAX, we can barely optimize it because it will be hard (if not impossible) for search engines to crawl these contents. The same applies to traditional web analytics tools which only detect URL (referrers) and user agent elements (host name, IP address) and not really looking deeper than what the page displays.

This feature has been announced previously at Blogoscoped:

This report is supposed to be tailored to getting numbers and understanding on usage for websites using Ajax, Flash movies, downloads, gadgets and other multimedia elements, like videos.


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