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Why Google Analytics Users Can’t Remove Profiles?

Ever since I started using Google Analytics and serving clients in their website analytics reports, I have about 50 or so accounts tied to a personal Google account. Some of these accounts have up to six sub profiles for internal website segmentation.

Yet about a third of these accounts are no longer accessible because I no longer work for a client and the owner or administrator removed my access privilege. To my frustration, their account remains in the list. To get rid of this unwanted listing, administrators have to either a) Remove the profile completely or b) Remove my email address in the list of allowed access. If they don’t, the list would only grow, with some of them I really don’t need or want to access.

Sample of unwanted Google Analytics profile.

Sample of unwanted Google Analytics profile.

new-ga-searchIf there is one consolation, Google Analytics has launched a new version of its user interface that allows users to type in the account or profiles without having to scroll down through the long list drop down menu. It was a good idea for Google to come up with such user interface because the growing list of accounts and profiles we couldn’t get rid of only complicates things.

But one thing Google failed to fix is the ability for users to remove accounts no longer associated from certain web analytics profiles. Clamor for such capabilities have been raised online but folks at Google Analytics — while very proactive in offering new features — are apparently ignoring such calls.


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