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Google Analytics’s Graph Mode Dashboard Feature

A new feature called “Graph Mode” has been introduced by Google Analytics as a beta feature. This is an add-on feature that allows users to visualize a graph between two different metrics. In the past, GA has been showing one metric only (now as an option called One Metric) and you have to switch from one metric to another to accomplish this task. What’s good about the new feature is that it is possible to look at two metrics side by side.

Google Analytics’s Graph Mode Feature

Now there are “Compare Two Metrics” and “Compare to Site”. “Compare Two Metrics” displays two selected metrics while “Compare to Site” reports data to overall site performance and include report data when calculating site performance (% of Site Total or Site Average).

Google Analytics’s Graph Mode Feature

This is especially helpful if we’d like to get a relationship between two of the available metrics: Visits, Pageviews, Pages/Visit, Average Time on Site, Bounce Rate and Percentage of New Visits. For example, if I want to find out if a higher percentage of new visitors means longer time spent on site, I can easily check it using this feature.

Thanks Google. This is a good feature to have.


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