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Google China users look for money

Google users in China last year were more interested in money than sex, a report has indicated.

“Stock” and the names of three banks were among the most frequently searched words on Google China last year, with “sex” not in the top 10 list.

“Sex” features highly as a search term in many countries around the world.

China blocks some internet content and fights online pornography, which may be a reason why users did not search for “sex”.

China Merchants Bank, ICBC and China Construction Bank ranked second, third and sixth in the Google China list, published on Google’s Chinese website and reported in the China Daily newspaper.

“Stock” made it to fourth place, likely helped by the fact that the Shanghai main stock index almost doubled last year.

“What is a blue chip”
“QQ”, a Chinese instant messenger and a car brand, topped the search list, with “game”, “Google Earth”, download tool “Thunder”, anti-virus software “Kaspersky” and “MSN” also in the top 10.

“On the Chinese mainland, it was money and technology that took the honours last year,” the China Daily newspaper said.

Meanwhile, “what is a blue chip” and “how to invest in the stock market” were the most searched questions on Google China.

Globally, the most popular questions were “what is love” and “how to kiss”.


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