Google China vs Google Hong Kong Traffic After Diversion

On the day Google decided to divert its traffic from China to Hong Kong, this website started to receive traffic from China visitors even if no content within the website is rendered in Simplified Chinese, the default language in China. Probably because there is no Chinese equivalent for the term “SEO”.

Alexa showed sharp contrast in traffic coming to and since March 23.

Compete's free data covers up to February, so the figure does not show sharp skew.

Since the decision to deflect the traffic from China to Hong Kong, Google’s Hong Kong site saw its share jump from virtually nothing to 3 per cent of Google’s total traffic. This means that mainland China users are still able to access Google, as confirmed by stats reported by Active Meter, another web analytics tool I use. If the traffic falls down to negligible percentage, then it’s either Google restored its China presence or it has blocked access to Google Hong Kong.