Google Logo Change: Company Under the Microscope

Google has been in the spotlight for many years for various reasons.

It taught email providers a thing or two about email — offering gigabytes of free space before others followed suit. It revolutionized how we look at maps, with street view features for free. And it is a leading proponent of the future of technology, driverless cars and wearable computers.

Everyone seems hooked into Google. Every year many of us eagerly anticipate Easter Eggs pranks and hoaxes. Every product release is expected to gather extensive media attention.

While Google is not perfect — it discontinued over 40 products over the past decade and has been a subject of multiple lawsuits and other legal battles, it’s nonetheless attracted attention in every possible area.

One of which is the recent change in its logo which many wouldn’t have been able to detect.

Credit: Gizmodo

This just shows no matter how small changes Google has, it is likely to get noticed by the public.