Google Maps Hong Kong Now Even More Useful

When I was relatively new in Hong Kong, the old reliable map service I use was Centamap, an online map of Hong Kong developed by Centaline Property. It is quite useful as it has access to bus stops, schools, restaurants and consulate offices.

However, I found that the layout is cramped. But I continued to use it until Google release its Google Maps service. Both layout and features are astonishing. By the time Google added more features, such as shortest routes from one point to another without the Chinese characters embedded on the English interface like in the Centamap site, I made the switch.

Google Maps Hong Kong

Google Maps Hong Kong

One of its latest additions is the ability to find the shortest distance from one point to another, in cooperation with the Transport Department.

Having trouble locating cinemas that show “Batman: The Dark Knight” (with show times), Indian restaurants or coffee shops, a visit to Google Maps Hong Kong could be of great help.

The good thing about this is that we don’t have to wait for an update from Google to see changes in the map. Everyone can make contributions (hopefully not spam). For example, you can easily associate YouTube videos or Picasa photos into the map. Both YouTube and Picasa are owned by Google. I can create my own map and share it with friends easily.

Have a go and play around with the map. It could help us develop our passion for Geography by looking at the map.