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Google Now Owns A Search Agency

Google is now a legitimate owner of DoubleClick and with such achievement, Google also owns DoubleClick’s set of services. One of which is Performics. Performics is one of leading organic and paid search companies.

In its organic search credentials:

Using robust technology, the DoubleClick Performics’ team scientifically optimizes existing client sites to create new, dynamic, crawler-friendly sites highlighting brand, nonbrand and long-tail keywords. Our experts methodically optimize copy and content for each page to boost page rankings. DoubleClick Performics understands the importance of creating an NSO culture at your company, and one that is not necessarily dependent on the bandwidth of your IT department. Our customized solutions combat existing issues and leverage Web 2.0 technology to boost rankings:

But we see some sort of conflict of interest going on. It’s not about businesses losing our customers to a company because it is a partner or is owned by a search engine. It is not the only case existing. Microsoft owns Avenue A/Razorfish because Microsoft owns as part of its acquisition of AQuantive.

What do you think of getting Google involved in the search engine optimization business by owning one agency specializing in this discipline?


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