Google Searchers Usually Use Two or Three Words Per Search

OneStat, a company based in The Netherlands, has released an information regarding the number of words used on every search effort for Google users. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, 31.9 percent of Google searches worldwide involve two words (circus clothing, hongkong holidays, best toothpaste). Three-word phrases (sms mms phone, christina aguilera photo, hk property updates) ranked second with 27% while one word constitute 15% of all searches. I must conclude that Google is a pretty accurate machine to churn our relevant results if people who use one keyword as search phrase and find what they’re looking for without refining their searches.

Google Searchers Usually Use Two Words Per Search

“Search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo can drive a lot of traffic to a Web site,” said Niels Brinkman, co-founder of OneStat. “It is important that a Webmaster or SEO expert knows what kind of search phrases they have to use.” Yes, indeed, this information will help find out which keywords are more likely used if the basis will be the search phrase count.

Instances with five (6.5 percent); six (2.7 percent); seven (1.1 percent); eight (0.5 percent); nine (0.2 percent); and 10 (0.1 percent) words are used in fewer searches. Long tail keywords, anyone? collects data through its Web analytics services. Numbers are averages. Research is based on a daily sample of two million Web visitors from 100 countries.