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5 Benefits of Google Sitelinks

5 Benefits of Google Sitelinks

Google Sitelinks has been a longstanding feature on search engine results, mostly on brand-related queries. Sitelinks offer multiple opportunities to reach your site, in addition to the homepage, oftentimes the designated default page.

In the earlier days, I discussed about Sitelinks, including tips on generating one for your brand. As I have been asked by clients on how to create them, I’ll also say here in the blog: Google determines sitelinks, and we SEO consultants only provide guidance on how to achieve them.

As sitelinks have evolved, often generating buzz in the search marketing space, and with recent changes that further promote a wider coverage of internal links and inclusion of Meta description, having Sitelinks on one’s site becomes really important.

We see the obvious benefits, but to those who are skeptical/unconvinced or simply need to know the impact of having Google Sitelinks:

1. Sitelinks Improves CTR
Since Sitelinks covers a wider space filled with links pointing to the same website, it is easy to hypothesize that the click-through rate (CTR) is also higher than a site with no sitelink and only have one link competing with other sites for attention. But it’s not only because the sitelink layout pushes competitor sites further down, visitors are presented with multiple choices. Like the image above, if I type in ‘cathay pacific’ and wish to modify my booking, I don’t have to click on the homepage link but instead proceed directly to ‘Manage my Booking’ page.

2. Sitelinks Improves PPC Quality Score
With click-through rate considered a major factor in determining AdWords Quality Score, having higher CTR definitely boosts paid search Quality Score.

3. Sitelinks Helps Extend Ad Text Space
Google AdWords supports Ad Sitelinks which basically means you can append additional link (I just learned Google supports multi-line Ad Sitelinks) in addition to your default landing page.

4. Sitelinks Offers Alternate Conversion Paths
Not all visitors behave the same way when it comes to buying online. While some are busy comparing products, others are more likely to make purchases or are bound to make impulsive buys. This means offering various pages as starting point may be helpful in achieving visitor’s objectives. Google Sitelinks provides adequate number of relevant alternatives for visitors to start their site navigation, and it’s a good thing.

5. Sitelinks Promotes Better Brand Awareness
Having more links underneath allows visitors possibility to explore brands under the umbrella of the main query. A search for nike or samsonite will reveal brands associated with the search query, an additional learning experience to some search engine users.


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