Google Sitelinks Update

Today I noticed that a Google search query for “living in hong kong blog” showed Google Sitelinks.

Google Sitelinks

As announced in Search Engine Roundtable, Google now displays Sitelinks coming from sub-directories. Previously, it doesn’t do so. Therefore, until the new rule was implemented, my blogspot address doesn’t qualify for Sitelink inclusion because this blogging platform uses folder structure based on month and day of blog post, which are both sub folders. Google doesn’t provide detailed list of factors on placement of Sitelinks and selection of the links that will appear on them.

Sitelinks are additional links placed on top ranking pages for certain phrases. This process is automated which means Google’s algorithms determine whether the site (usually its homepage) deserves Sitelinks.

Sitelinks are not influenced by rankings. However, it helps improve click through rates.

Few notes I observed on Sitelinks:

  • It will appear for sites that rank consistently top for certain keywords for a specific amount of time. That means, if my blog tops the query “hong kong blog” consistently, Google may place Sitelinks on search results.
  • I can’t explain why such links were chosen in the above listed Sitelinks, although most of the time, the main category pages are often the ones chosen to be in the list. However, with the latest update released, this factor seems to be extended.
  • It takes a while before these sitelinks show up. But time doesn’t necessarily guarantee a Sitelink placement for these websites. There are things that need to be accomplished to help generate Sitelinks. One of the most obvious ones is that navigation should be well-defined across the entire site. That means it is easy to access from one page to another.