Google’s Note to Sites Launching Huge Content

It seems that Google is taking the word organic too literally.

Or maybe we’re all misinterpreting it inaccurately. For a website diligently adding lots of content but deciding to do it at once — perhaps as part of a new category or section, could raise a red flag. A video showing Google’s Matt Cutts explaining this matter can be viewed below.

google-logoSo it appears that it’s not enough that we create unique content for our website. To avoid possible manual review — which does not automatically mean penalty — it’s better to launch a large volume of content in small chunks.

The question came from John Mueller, from Switzerland, who asked if a newspaper wishes to add an archive of 200,000 pages. To many of us, we want to launch it immediately so they’ll get queued for Googlebot’s access as soon as possible. For Google to effectively crawl and index content — and minimize suspicions content is scraped and thereby requiring manual review — it’s better to launch it in smaller chunks. For example, we can launch it in five smaller batches at weekly updates; timing should be based on size of content and given how quickly Google accesses it, with the help of Google Webmaster tools.

For smaller websites — maybe less than a thousand pages — this may not apply at all.

Here’s the video of Cutts’ reply: