Google Street View: Making Hong Kong Easier to Navigate

It’s nice to have Hong Kong’s blueprint displayed online with the launch of Google Street View Hong Kong Edition. The city comes after Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. Along with Hong Kong’s launch is also Macau’s debut. For the uninformed, you can access this feature using Google Maps, find an address (try Time Square, Lan Kwai Fong or Ladies Market.

Time Square, Causeway Bay

Queens Road Central

Ladies Market, Mong Kok

Nathan Road, Kowloon

Tsing Ma Bridge

Kings Road, North Point

Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Tuen Mun Road & Ting Kau Bridge

Sai Kung

Island East Corridor

Tai Tam Road

Tsing Kwai Highway, Kowloon

In 2009, there were reports that cars with Google Street View labels were spotted on Hong Kong’s streets. So it’s not surprising to see these fine looking images. For tourists coming to Hong Kong for the first time, they’ll get a glimpse of what to expect, study the streets or at least familiarize places to go. Therefore, this Google Maps addition looks like a big progress especially to those who are not very good at reading the maps.


For the sake of privacy, any person’s image captured by the camera has his or her face blurred. The same was applied to car plates to get Google out of trouble. Of course privacy advocates have been vocal in expressing opposition to this feature. As photos are good pieces of evidence, people don’t want to be captured during embarrassing or compromising situations: naked people in beaches, guys holding hands with wrong women, men leaving strip clubs or anybody who don’t wish to be part of these street images. Maybe one of these days, we’ll start hearing complaints from Hong Kong people for appearing on Google Street Maps without their consent.