Google Tolerating Bad Quality Adsense Ads?

Google Tolerating Bad Quality Adsense Ads?

Does Google care enough about the quality of ads placed on Adsense publishers pages?

I maintain a singles group web site here in Hong Kong and as a generator of funds to support hosting costs, I place Adsense ads on some pages. A few spelling mishaps have emerged on some ads but the last incidence has to be mentioned in this article. Look at the image above and the word revelation becomes revlelation. Unless there is such a specific word, I bet it’s a wrongly spelled word and the ad must have suffered on its ad placement rankings by virtue of its poor Quality Score ratings.

It has been noted in the past that Google has had issues on spelling and grammar. And while Google hasn’t turned a blind eye on this problem by laying out its editorial guidelines, it appears that ads aren’t checked thoroughly, unlike Yahoo’s Overture service which requires all ads to pass through an editorial guide before allowing the ad to go live.

Spelling errors are not the same as the typical British English vs American English inconsistencies but mistakes that fourth graders are able to figure out easily.

Not good.