Google vs Norton: Somebody Must Be Telling a Lie!

Google search engine gives us the links to sites based on our search query. But if for some reason Google deems your computer could be compromised by clicking on the link, it issues a text warning beside the link you’re about to click: This site may harm your computer or The site may be compromised. In that way, should you decide to follow your instinct and your machine gets infected, Google can only say, “I told you”.


But what if you don’t only follow your instinct, you also follow someone else’s recommendation?

Take the case of the screen grab above. I was trying to search for keyword ranking among Hong Kong property agents (to possibly update an old blog post) when I came across the following result. On one end, Google was trying to warn me that the site might contain scripts or files that may harm my computer. But on the other end, Norton, as an Internet Explorer add-on says the site is safe for me to visit.

One is telling the truth, the other is lying and must need to review its web safety procedures.