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Google Webmaster Reports + Google Analytics = Awesomeness

Search Engine Roundtable has released screenshots of an apparent update in Google Analytics. The new addition to the ever-growing arsenal of Google Analytics reporting tools is similar to those we see at Google Webmaster Tools. Without switching from one application to another, the screen grab below shows a Google Analytics report similar to Search Queries report found at Google Webmaster Tools.


This report indicates how many times a website appears as search result within a specific country and how many percent of total impressions came from a certain country. Number of impressions could be influenced by volume of relevant queries or visibility of website within search results in a country via local search. All the other screen grabs represent a similar idea of that found in Google Webmaster Tools. It doesn’t present a new set of reports other than what we’ve seen in GWT. However, one power of Google Analytics is the ability to use dimensions to slice and dice data presented as impressions or clicks per country, query or landing page.


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