Google Zeitgeist: Are HK People Interested in Toilet Signs?

Google Zeitgeist is a collection of top gaining keywords compiled monthly by Google search engine. Again it is a list of top gaining keywords and not the top keywords for the month so the list must be an indicative of

Based on Google’s defintion:

We update Zeitgeist by Country every month to reflect the changes in each domain. Zeitgeist by Country displays either the top gaining queries in a domain (that is, the searches that have gained the most popularity with respect to the previous month) or the most Top Gaining Queries in a domain (that is, a selection of the top queries), whichever best reflects the zeitgeist of that country. We add new countries as we can, so check back often.

I think Mr Luciw must be very glad about what he sees within Google Zeitgeist for Hong Kong. And look at the #15 item, what must be in the minds of Hong Kong people?

1. asiaexpat
2. X高官 (Official X, a senior official involved in a case of blackmail)
3. 李亞男 (Leanne Li, celebrity)
4. smiley face
5. 電子書 (e-book)
6. new world
7. ball
8. photoimpact
9. 咖啡王子1號店 (The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince, Korean TV play)
10. 桃花 (Peach)
11. 恆指成分股 (HSI constituent stocks)
12. cambodia
13. speed
14. edison chen (celebrity)
15. toilet sign