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Google’s Link Analysis Feedback

Google’s Links Analysis Tools under its parent Google Webmasters tool definitely created a buzz in the search engine world. The buzz was so loud that when I checked my links late yesterday, services were down apparently because of the huge demand of curious backlink aficionados.

So far, in my previous blog about this topic, I had a few suggestions:

  • Last Found field can be sorted so we can tell which links are the freshest
  • A link to return to the list of pages from the backlink details for people who cannot see External
  • Links and Internal Links as clickable pieces of text (let’s not assume)
  • SEO Roundtable has got more feedback and suggestions including the use of APIs, display of other useful information such as IP addresses of backlinks and so on.

    I guess all of them are great suggestions and hopefully Google will have a look and see whether it is possible to implement them. But more importantly, Google has to secure its infrastructure first so that simultaneous access of these pieces of information won’t result in the same experience I had yesterday.


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