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Google’s Top ‘Unknown’ Features

I am a posting member of DigitalPoint Forum, a more free wheeling bulletin boards compared to other established forums such as High Rankings, Search Engine Watch, Webmaster Forums and V7N, all of which I am also a member. No wonder more people visit the site not just to ask or answer but also to deal with businesses such as domain selling, job hunting or link exchanges. DigitalPoint is also the site I saw that pioneered the establishment of Adsense sharing scheme among its posting members (I barely get anything though).

The number of posts from its members (usually exceeding 250 online at the same time) is also overwhelming that the site is a resource mine for all sorts of questions, varying from the obsolete “didn’t you know?” type to the most thought provoking ones.

One of the posts I read talked about Google and its services. As you may know, Google is not just a search engine. It has diversified its services that even exceeded Yahoo!, established four years ahead of Google.

Google Suggest, Google Mail, Google Talk, Google Video, Google Spreadsheets, Google News, Google Checkout… The list goes on. From its cached pages feature introduced in 1998 to Google Toolbar in 2000 to Google Local in 2004 to the recently launched Google Adwords Optimizer, Google does not run out of services as you can see in its list of projects at Google Labs. The question now is that, among the numerous services and tools, which are your most used ones?

Here are mine (not in any particular order):
1. Google Earth
2. Google Analytics (acquired from Urchin)
3. Google Adsense
4. Google Website Optimizer (I already got an invite)
5. Google Webmaster (with Sitemaps)
6. Google Mail
7. Blogger (acquired from Pyra)
8. Google Image Labeler (Just a game but everytime you play, you help Google refine results)
9. Google Video (I’ll replace Youtube in no time)
10. Google Web Search


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