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Hang Seng Bank’s Hidden Text

I am creating a White Paper on search engine optimization in Hong Kong regarding online banking service by comparing the performance of three Hong Kong based banks: HSBC, Hang Seng Bank and Standard Chartered Bank. To my surprise I saw several pages of Hang Seng Bank have employed a traditional black hat SEO method: hidden text.

This is the very same type of offense that shut down MyAyala.com, a Manila-based e-commerce site, for quite some time earlier this year.

The offending pages with keyword stuffed at the top of the page are the following:

There could be more but I don’t want to dig further as I am not paid to do so. What’s important is that this sneaky method and a futile attempt to rank well in search engines is known and revealed for others not to follow. This may have been discovered long ago but I’d like to post this violation so the Hong Kong public would not dare to imitate this method.

The technique’s goals could well end up abruptly if someone reports this to Google’s Spam Report.


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