Hiring Marketers, Not SEOs

You can consider this as an extension to my previous blog about the losing appeal of keyword rankings as basis of a website success story.

Search engines have been bombarded with all sorts of tricks and after being mangled left and right, they’ve turned the tables and now roaring louder than ever, with changes that may find many one dimensional SEOs dumbfounded. Clients are also becoming more clever and wiser, thanks to the tools provided by search engines that emphasized simplification. Clients now realize they aren’t as dumb as they used to think before.

For someone who is not even aware of search engine optimization, he will not be surprised to see his pages get indexed and have some of them even appear on search engine results. That is, if they think about producing good content. Yes, you’ve read this mantra many times but I still believe this method does wonders.

This now brings us to ask, are we then supposed to get search engine optimizers (SEOs) or online marketers? SEOs look at our pages, ensure they are crawled, indexed, do links and throw a prayer of hopes that the page will rank on preferred keywords and generate better traffic. It’s not an easy task to do, as there are now more web pages online than the number of people on Earth.

Marketers, on the other hand, will even have to be more creative to meet web site goals. Aided with latest developments in online advertising (Google’s universal search, disclosure of sites where ads appear, Quality Score updates, etc.) it becomes a more bearable task for a resourceful marketer.

Which would you pick then?