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How Accurate Does Google News Extract Its Sources?

I was searching for the term “Youssif”, an Iraqi boy whose face was badly burned by masked men who abducted him outside of his house in Baghdad. I’d like to incorporate his story with the blog I recently posted at Living in Hong Kong. I guess the news originally appeared in CNN so I’d like to find another source. Naturally, I turned to Google News and searched using his name.

The first result showed a familiar title but whose source is Sports Illustrated, a sister site of I gave it a try because it could be compared to any sports feature that showed compassion for helpless folks.

It turned out to be the same and thought to myself, how accurate does Google News extract its sources? It’s not that the news headlines are culled from wrong sources that when you click on them they turn out to be entirely different news article. It is the source itself as it appears at Google News.

Not a big deal as long as we get the news. But for people consider it a big deal, then that’s something.

Now we see the power of a big time publicity and its capability to move people and share compassion. Youssif’s story attracted almost a dozen groups, plus the thousands who pledged to help Youssif restore his normal life and enjoy being a kid. What about those silent millions who don’t get the press release and await our help?


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