How Long Does Yahoo! Index Pages?

How Long Does Yahoo! Index Pages?

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Now onto the topic.

One of the most common questions asked by curious (read: impatient/confused) clients is “When is my site gonna be indexed by Yahoo!“. That’s an absolutely valid question. The quickness of Google to index and rank pages made Yahoo! (established as a search engine almost half a decade earlier) and other search engines laggards. And this makes clients quick to quip: If Google can do this, why can’t others do it?

I think it’s pretty relative. On some cases it’s Yahoo! that indexes faster than Google, make no mistake about it. Getting the site indexed by Yahoo! is the first step. Therefore even if your site isn’t gonna rank yet, the fact that it is indexed is an accomplishment in itself.

So what if the site isn’t indexed yet, what should we do?

A search on the web shows that if you go to Yahoo! Answers, create a sitemap called urllist.txt Yahoo!’s equivalent to Google Sitemap. Having this doesn’t guarantee that Slurp ( will book its next trip to our site as its destination, but at least we’ve addressed one possible solution.

There are conflicting statements found on a few SEO forums. There are claims that search indexing by Yahoo! would take 2 weeks and others say six months.

The question remains.