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How Not To Project Your Brand Online

Reputation can be a key to success or ruin the whole business. If we have a website, we better ensure it does us a favor and not blemish our image. Especially if we try to preach otherwise.

This is what could happen to a website of a marketing company in Hong Kong that aims to promote its services online. How can we persuade clients to give us business when they see our website have the following “features”:

1 Display spelling and grammar errors
As humans, we are not perfect but let’s not try to show how easy it is to make mistakes.


2 Waste people’s time
Splash pages are so old fashioned and serves one constant purpose: waste your visitors’ time.


3 Pretend your website is not under construction
Broken links, missing pages. If they can do it on their site, maybe they can do the same to clients.


4 Copying content without giving back proper credit
If we think that the statement:


“You cannot improve what you cannot measure. Email marketing is trackable, measurable and hence improvable.”

is a very cool one and decide to copy it from someone’s work, at least we should credit where credit is due.


5 Can’t do the job
How can we do online marketing if we can’t even get our website get into Google?


Disclaimer: I don’t know anyone at this company. This blog is intended to educate and not desecrate.


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  • Doron on May 26, 2009 Reply

    At least they are getting some "link love" now 🙂

  • Belle Liu on May 26, 2009 Reply

    Hm … what should be the prizes for this award?

  • Fili An on May 26, 2009 Reply

    Terrific. We should setup an award for that. I also have a few candidates.

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