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YouTube Deep Linking

Just a while ago, I read the controversial traveling call in the NBA. It is somehow one of the most debatable calls from NBA referees, aside maybe from those touch fouls, Hack-a-Shaq and the like. The article states that while LeBron James gets traveling calls for moves that are very close, there are players whom the refs allow to travel just because they are strutting their wares (coast to coast layup or drive to the hoop for a tomahawk dunk). Refs maybe want the crowd to stand in awe instead of telling the refs to stop ruining a player’s moment.

Videos are often used to display such violations and the viewers have the chance to decide for themselves. Often times, viewers have to go through the whole length of the video to watch that specific scene where traveling has occurred. Take the case of’s Starting Block article about LeBron James’ apparent traveling violation.

Check out the video clip above (especially at the 1:58 mark)

While people want to jump straight into that timeline, videos often do buffering before they load, so they wait for the clip to reach that specific time. It can be frustrating sometimes, especially if the video in question is a long one.

However, YouTube now allows us to link to a particular time.

So instead of waiting for a video to play from the start, we can now point specifically by the minute and second. So if the LeBron video above normally has this URL:

we can modify it so it will start at the 1:58 mark:


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