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How to File For Reinclusion of Site?

One thing Google can do when it finds websites violating its Webmaster Guidelines is that it could penalize these sites by removing them from its search index database. This results in disappearance of pages from search engine results. This penalty can be checked by using the tool on Google Search; if none shows up on search results, the site in question has been penalized for one reason or another.

Obviously, we want Google to recognize back our pages and allow them to show up on search results.

Google offers reinclusion of the penalized site only if the questionable practices by its webmaster has been corrected and the webmaster acknowledges that the issue has been resolved.

Steps on Filing for Site Reinclusion
1. Create a Google Webmasters Tool account. This is how Google will be able to determine one’s ownership of the site. It can’t reinstate a penalized website if someone else other than a legitimate owner (or at least someone who has access to it) will do the filing himself. This “proof” is done through the verification process.

2. Login to Google Webmaster Tools. Once we have successfully logged in, we can see the “Tools” link on the right side of the Dashboard menu. Click Request reconsideration and follow the steps described.

Google will have a check on these applications before accepting the site again within its index. So before making these reinclusion requests, we must ensure that we have fixed the reasons why Google penalized our sites. Removal of hidden links, invisible links or removal of paid links are a few examples. We don’t want to waste Google’s time reinstating our site if it still has problems; we might get pushed back at the end of the queue.

The question now is: will there be special cases where appeals of reinclusion will be denied? A thread from Webmasterworld seems to support the claim that Google forgives all erring sites. But as Google has a neat record keeping capabilities, we don’t want to be repeat offenders or else…


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