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How to Get Banned by Google

Instead of giving tips to get ranked by Google I felt I should compile a list of things to do in order to get banned by the search giant. The reason is that we read a lot of tips from everyone everytime. And many of these such advices are either ineffective, irrelevant or outright tricks that border the gray area and pose as a risk to search engine penalties.

So I thought I should post the things you should DO to get banned by Google and probably in other search engines as well:

  • Fill your pages with hidden text because they increase the density of your targetted keyword. For example, view this Insurance plan page from Hang Seng Bank (disable CSS and you’ll see different combinations of “insurance”, “Services” and “Plans” plus all stemming possibilities; otherwise, they discovered they are flirting with disaster and decided to remove the meaningless text).
  • OK, if you feel hiding is just for cowards, show the offending text yet it should appear invisible: decrease the font size into tiny proportions that only magnifying lens can help a reader locate the text.
  • Pretend your text is located at the <noscript> or <noframes> tags even if the purpose isn’t really meant to display a non-script content or placed in a non-framed page.
  • Fill up a section of the page: alt text, title attribute, meta description and meta keywords. And fill them up with all keyword combinations you can think of.
  • Display the desired text — multitudes of them — in a page with the same background color as the font color.
  • Create doorway pages that blatantly display the words you’d like to rank on top in Google. They can come in different shapes, sizes and colors. The page can appear as a collage of text with no clearer purpose of its existence than to grab the top spot. (A click here link can appear somewhere.)
  • Join web rings, suspicious affiliated programs and other similarly disguised linking schemes. You also refer them as link farms.
  • If you are a web development agency, add links to your client’s site’s page without having him/her know about it. Example? Go to Sino Hotels homepage and do a view source (Ctrl+U) and locate the bottom part that says “This page is developed by …”. See the text color <font color=”#ffffff”> even if the background is already white? Unfortunately it may be your client whose going to get banned and not you!
  • Do a blog spam. Typically it can run as short as “Nice post!” and of course, your link should be there.
  • Do an automatic redirection, probably using the META Redirect directive or window.location JavaScript.

Doing such won’t immediately put your site under quarantine and won’t appear in public. But yes, eventually your site will disappear. If big name sites like BMW and Ricoh did not escape the wrath of Google over their misbehaving source codes, how much more for an offending small potato like…


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