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How To Show Images In News Results

At Google News or at search results for certain search phrases, we see images associated with news articles. At some point we ask, how do we let Google display our images in the same spot?

Google offers tips on how to display images associated with news articles on the web without making guarantees. So if you have a news article that has an image, you may want to do the following:

Label your images with well-written captions.
Creating well-written (read: descriptive, keyword rich) captions is similar to creating well-written alt text: it allows search engines to relate the image with text content in the body of the page.

Make sure that your images are fairly large in size.
This could mean Google is looking at images that are clear enough to be displayed as a thumbnail in Google News. I am not sure but that’s how I see this requirement is for.

Use images that have reasonable aspect ratios.
This is important because images are resized when displayed in Google News, the relationship between height and width of the image should be within acceptable limits.

Ensure that your images are inline (not clickable).
Inline images are images that are embedded within the associated web page and not as a link to its source.

Place your images near their respective article titles.
Proximity between images and news headers should be close. Ideally images will be placed within the first paragraph of the news story.

For news articles to achieve better ranking in Google News, the following factors are considered:

1 Freshness of content
2 Diversity of content
3 Rich textual content which would help users searching for information to find your articles


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