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HSBC Hong Kong’s Best Practice SEO

HSBC Hong Kong manages a big website to cover its diverse financial business. That also means keeping up with vast amount of information made available to the public. In a relatively competitive nature of business, HSBC also needs to make information appear prominently on search engines without compromising sensitive personal and financial information. Seeing the need to optimize its pages, HSBC rolled its sleeves and got to work. Here’s some of the notable page elements that make its pages look great to both human and search engine visitors.

Huge amount of text content
Don’t be deceived with the large typefaces typically found on HSBC pages, they are headlines text and not in graphics. Search engines can’t read text embedded on images and writing alternate text on these images aren’t really the way to go.

Bilingual support
Hong Kong is a metropolitan city and home to people of diverse background. So considering Hong Kong only as home to Chinese people is truly inconsiderate. Good thing HSBC isn’t such. In fact its default language when you open its website is rendered in English even when Chinese locals prefer to read in Traditional Chinese.

Text headers
Displaying headlines in text format is the best approach. Text headers are best displayed using <H1> tags, not fancy graphic images. It is easier to maintain too (you can easily replace text using HTML editor instead of Photoshop).

Diverse Anchor Tagging
HSBC does not strictly adhere to target keyword phrases used as anchor text. This is a good thing because it does not appear that one keyword is the focus of the entire optimization process. Instead there is a diversity and there is much better presentation of content.


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