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Google to Reward More Secured Websites

Google to Reward More Secured Websites

Google just announced that the https or the secured hypertext transfer protocol, the basic foundation of communication across the world wide web, is now counted as search signal.

Contrary to the more conventional http, https as implied in its acronym, is secured as it layers http on top of a SSL/TLS (transport layer security). This is common on highly transactional websites like e-commerce websites that utilize payment gateways or those that require logins such as email providers.

httpWhat this could mean is that if you’re website uses https it could receive favorable weight compared to those without this layer. However, be noted that this signal is not as heavy as other factors such as quality of content or inbound links.

I used to think that having https on site is detrimental to speed as having secured layer requires extra overhead due to encryption. Speed as we know is a usability element Google also cares about.

Yet, as Google places security as top priority, having an https site indicates websites secure enough for visitors to visit and interact with.

Will I see stock price of Verisign, Thawte, Symantec and others get some boost? Maybe yes.


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