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iGoogle Hong Kong Theme Winners Unveiled

iGoogle Hong Kong Theme Winners UnveiledGoogle here in Hong Kong held a contest on building the best personalized iGoogle gadget. Recently winners were unveiled in Traditional Chinese. The first prize winner, who will be flown to Google headquarters, featured a remote control and a TV screen simulating a Hong Kong TV (ATV and TVB) guide where a user can enter the date and channel to find out programs in store.

This gadget allows you to view the Hong Kong TV schedule (Usage:Select Date then Channel). Especially, it illustrates the idea of future TV that allows us to select a programme by entering a keyword in the remote control. Data source: www.tvb.com,www.hkatv.com,www.youtube.com.

I am not too impressed, not only because it can’t be rendered in English, but the functionality is quite limited. It may be an upgrade to the more cumbersome NOW Broadband TV menu, but with only a few channels to choose from, it’s still not useful enough. Not to mention the layout of the gadget that occupies a big amount of space in my iGoogle screen. Thus, it falls short in terms of usability and design aspects.

But not only that, judges may have been not too keen enough in considering how APIs were integrated in the program and its interoperability or its ability to be seamlessly integrated with other systems. Not to put shame on the developers themselves, I’ve had my issues with iGoogle itself in the past. There are good things of course. If you haven’t got the Hong Kong theme for your iGoogle desktop application, you might want to try a few nice ones.


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