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The Little iGoogle Problem

I noticed that when I customize my iGoogle profile by changing the background theme, the system does not seem to recognize where I am. Was it because its servers are located away from my timezone? Unfortunately, it is not about the server location either. Google has a function that allows users to customize not only the content they would like to see on their default pages, it also allows users to specify where they are located by selecting a city.


But this does not seem to work for me. At 11am Hong Kong time, the header graphic for “Beach” theme still shows up the moon high above the skies instead of the bright sun. Sunrise starts when it is about three in the afternoon. With all the geotargeting and IP-tracking capabilities of Google, this feature has not fallen into place for my iGoogle, even if I have to “spoon-feed” my current location.

Little iGoogle Problem
The sun finally rises, at 3pm.

Anyway, this is not a big issue but just uncharacteristic of how Google works.


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