Importance of Putting Text Content on Pages

There are different reasons why placement of adequate text content on our web pages is important:

  1. Search engines crawl text content. Without much text content to fetch, search engines don’t get the idea what the site is all about. Imagine the look of our faces when meat products at Park N Shop run out of supply.
  2. It’s hard to rank for phrases that don’t exist on our pages. It is not enough to rely on external links. With not enough text content, we may miss out on certain keyword combinations that comprise long tail.
  3. It minimizes our chances in landing at supplemental results. If we have a lot of pages that are similar or have minute differences in layout and contents, search engines would suspect they’re duplicates and classify some of them into the supplemental result hell.
  4. Our pages will be more descriptive and more link worthy. If we have limited amount of text available, most probably people won’t get as much information as they would when they look at content-rich pages. We’d get unsolicited backlinks pointing to our pages that have original content.

ClickZ may mention about opposing theories regarding the content-king association because of the misunderstanding of their respective meanings.

But in the end, the amount of content our page will give an impression of its quality, its uniqueness and ability to entertain and inform our readers. In response, they either place a link onto that interesting page (and gain valuable PageRank juice or keyword ranking) or leave the site altogether, vowing never to return again.