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In Starbucks HK’s Mind: World’s Best Coffee

It’s certainly not bad to dream of something big. Like being the proud brand that comes to mind when someone asks what’s the best coffee in the world. While the rightful owner of this honor is highly debatable, Starbucks Hong Kong wouldn’t mind landing on first page of Google results when someone searches for “world’s best coffee”.

Definitely the keyword ranking for that phrase may be widely coveted by ego-driven coffee connoisseurs, at least Starbucks is doing something to make that happen.


As you look at the image, you’ll have to appreciate how Starbucks is dealing with the keyword on one of its pages (refer to orange outlines).

  • Page Title – You’ll see “World’s Best Coffee”. Page title is one of the most important page elements to consider when optimizing for target keywords.
  • Navigation Bar – The phrase isn’t only placed within the navigation bar, its position at the beginning of the page is an equally wise move.
  • Page Header – Emphasis of the keyword is manifested by the bold font and bigger size compared to body copy. Of course it’s not bad to use <h1> tags here.
  • Body copy – The text “world’s best coffee” is now also included in the body copy. It’s good to extend the presence of the text into the body.
  • Themed Page – There is a dedicated landing page that talks about the target phrase. It’s good to have a specific page that talks about a certain topic. In this case the topic is about the best coffee in the world.
  • Keyword-rich URL – Since there is a dedicated landing page, it is possible to customize its URL so that it will also include targeted keywords.

This is a pretty good example of how pages should be developed for target keywords. The page would look more like spam page if text other than the target phrase were not there. But even with four instances of the keyword in the page, overall message still continues to make sense in the eyes of search engines and more importantly, to human coffee connoisseurs visiting the site.

Photo credit: Starbucks Hong Kong


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