Keeping Up With Competition in the Hong Kong Flowers Business

Hong Kong is a booming market for flowers. Within Hong Kong, the market is further classified into institutional (hotels, restaurants and offices) and consumer markets (homes and special occasions) so it’s not necessarily a niche market. Traditional flower buying exercises fall into Chinese New Year and funeral services.

But Hong Kong has become more receptive to typical Western celebrations such as Valentines Day and Mother’s Day where flowers are instrumental to such occasions. That’s why there are quite a number of business people involved in the flower trade. This is evident during the Hong Kong Flower Show, held every early spring, which draws huge number of visitors. And of course, the renowned flower market in Prince Edward.

Keeping Up With Competition in the Hong Kong Flowers Business

The online flower business is also a competitive area. Hong Kong people often crave for convenient ways to express their feelings and ordering online is a presumably perfect solution to get the assignment done, without taking much of the lover’s time and effort. Preparation, wrapping and delivery are taken cared of that next thing to do after purchasing flowers online is to expect a confirmation that the flower has been successfully delivered to an excited recipient.

Let’s check a few online flower shops and see how they fare in search engine optimization.

Mixed Findings
Not surprisingly many shops are aware of doing online marketing. Yes indeed, competition compels someone to take business more seriously, isn’t it? A typical search for flowers hong kong yields more than ten Hong Kong Google Adwords advertisers. Sites have also been more careful in selection of domain names and file naming such as the generic Hong Kong Flower Shop which perpetually hogs the top search result in Google for such search query. Picking the right content and page title has also been more conscious effort such as 007 Flowers although there are still those who are left behind such as Hong Kong Florist and 2000 Flower.

Some sites practice weird tracking systems though these do not necessarily translate to improper search engine optimization.

In general, online flower shops are more matured sites when it comes to search engine optimization than many other businesses such as watch and jewelry shops. The lack of a known dominant web site keeps the healthy competition going. If I may suggest, flower shops need to be more creative in providing content within their web sites. I seldom see a site that tells any of the following:

  1. How to take care of flowers
  2. Best flowers suitable for weddings, anniversaries, special occasions
  3. Stories about flowers (legends, myths, etc)
  4. Scientific names of flowers
  5. Where are Hong Kong flowers imported from
  6. Anatomy or structure of a flower
  7. Best color combinations of flowers at home or office
  8. Meaning of flower gifts according to type of flower or its color

A lot can be done in order to establish a well-recognized online flower shop in Hong Kong. It’s just a matter of where to start. Doing content development using the above topics makes a good progress.