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Learning Google Analytics the Fun Way

There are a lot of ways to learn Google Analytics. First and foremost is the Help Center which should be very helpful to a novice practitioner of this free web analytics tool.

There we can learn what the basics of Google Analytics, including installation, account administration, tracking and reporting. But for cases beyond the basics and tricks of the trade, Google Help Forum is the way to go.

I see it as an extension of the Help Center with responses from group members and administrators who could be directly involved with the product formerly known as Urchin. Featured in Google Analytics blog, this tool somehow cuts the lead time contacting a help support officer and waiting for a response that could be repetitive if the same question is asked from time to time. It could be a source of FAQ updates for webmasters to peruse on. Using the form makes it more interactive, allowing rebuttals and corrections to take place in a free flowing environment.

There are other forum sections that discuss about tracking such as that of HighRankings, DigitalPoint, Search Engine Watch and Cre8asite but for Google Analytics-specific questions, this should be the one to visit first.


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