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Learning SEO Through Forums

There is a talk about whether SEO forums continue to make sense after someone at Search Engine Journal posted that “real SEOs don’t go to forums“.

One of the best avenues for learning SEO that I had was through forums (of course the other was through hands-on and measurement of results). I spent a considerable amount of time at High Rankings and Digital Point SEO forums and learned the basics of the trade from experts. Later on, I was able to return the favor by helping newcomers with answers to their questions.

I don’t agree that real SEOs don’t go to forums. If real SEOs go to forums not to ask questions but to share their ideas, then that makes perfect sense. But if a self-confessed expert (as shown on his forum profile) shows up with a pretty basic question in the forum, then that brings him more bad rep than good.

Forums are communities of people who share the same interests, if people who adore cars or fans of NBA players have their own forums, there’s no reason why SEO practitioners don’t have theirs.


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